Friday, August 15, 2014

"Floatathon" Ginnie Springs 2014

The 2014 Ginnie Springs Floatathon is now behind us.  It was a great day and we managed to escape the regular afternoon thunderstorms.  My thoughts for next year are torn between the day trip we did this year to Ginnie Springs which is privately owned and therefore allows adult beverages or the even more pristine Itchnetucknee Springs which require you to be in the park by 8am to make the full run.  That limitation in addition to the lack of alchohol or even plastic bottles on the run keeps that first part of the trip nearly mystical, surreal and natural.   In order to be there for an 8am entry we stay overnight in Gainesville making the trip a two day affair with those interesting stops we have already described on here from past years photos and an entry.  This by the way is a terrific dilemna.  Do we go to the spot the foremost diver of all time Jacques  Cousteau described as "Visibility Forever"   or the place author Ron Wiggins author of "Florida Authentica" wrote "If there is anything better than tubing the cool, pellucid, spring fed waters of the  Itchnetucknee River on a hot summer day, God must be saving it for dessert." If you wish to chime in with your opinion to help us along in the decision please do so.  
My own quote applies to pretty much almost any of Florida's Springs, “THIS IS THE MOST REFRESHING COOL FUN ACTIVITY YOU CAN DO IN FLORIDA IN THE SUMMER BAR NONE!”

Yours Truly, Lee Rosenkranz, CTC

Here is the link to the slides from this year's outing which I have been told are trending on Twitter!

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